I'm Raimon

A 3D artist.

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I'm a 3d designer and software developer. In the world of 3d design, i design 3d models with the use of CAD software. With technologys such as: Blender, Meshmixer and TinkerCad i make practical and artistic 3d models. With my expertise in software development i'm specialised in Front-End Design. I make websites with use of the markup language HTML5 and styling language CSS3. I also have knowledge of programming languages ​​such as JavaScript and Python.

My Skills.

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3D Printing & 3D Modelling

I design beautiful 3D printable 3D models. Including around 500 free 3D models for you to download.

Have a look at my portfolio at:3dCults



I'm also a software developer. I can design a smooth website for you, with traditional techniques. I have created a profile on both UpWork and Fiverr. There you can use my freelance services. I also make Computer Quizzes in Python.

Have a look at my portfolio at:Fiverr

Have a look at my portfolio at:UpWork


Blogs about my Study

I also write blogs on Medium. There you can read about my experiences in online coding bootcamps and 3d printing.

Have a look at my blogposts at:Medium

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